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Check London Roller Shutters frequently asked questions to resolve most queires

What do we need to provide to get a quotation?

Please provide exactly what you want if you know, aprox sizes, site address, company  or organisation name, your name, email, telephone number, indicate when the product is required and if possible but not necessary any pictures would help.

Are doors stocked?

No, we manufacture all of our doors and they are all made to measure & order.

Please inform us if a quick turnaround is required.

What is the standard lead delivery time?

Usually 2 – 3 weeks from order but if you require the door very quickly please let us know we will endeavour to turn your order around ASAP.

Do you fit doors?

Yes, we only use our own vehicles and our own, trained and experienced fitters- we don’t use subcontractors.

Do London Roller Shutters work on doors manufactured by other companies?

Yes, we will try and fix all types of doors.

What is the furthest you would travel to fit?

We travel anywhere in the world if the job is large enough but as a rule of thumb we cover all over Greater London and if required, the UK and Ireland.

Are London Roller Shutters products CE marked?

Yes, all our fire shutters are compliant to the latest Government Standar BS EN 16034:2014 – CE Marked BS EN 13241-1:2003.

What is the minimum sizes roller shutter we can make?

Aprox 700mm x 700mm opening.  Please contact the office with your requirements.

What is the biggest door London Roller Shutters have made?

We have made doors over 10-0 metres wide and 10-0 metres high.

How does the chain-operated door work?

All of our chain operated doors are spring assisted & geared.

What about if the electric supply goes off?

All electric doors come with an emergency manual override system.

Can roller shutters fix to brick?

Yes, though in some cases additional timber, wood or steel-work may be required depending on the type and condition and thickness of the wall.

Can the roller shutter fit inside my opening rather than on the inside or outside of the building?

Yes, but because using this method the roll wraps under your lintel and the steel frame is within your opening, you will lose height and width. This is known as an In between Fix.

What kind of motors do you use?

We supply all kinds, including:  tube motors, 1ph Industrial motors, 3ph industrial motors, direct drive and out bound motors.

Is it possible to convert manual operation roller shutters to electrical operation?

Yes, usually. Please email us some pictures and information, like how many times per day the doors will be operated.

What are the differences in the motors?

All tube motors are for light usage only, typically 3-4 up/ down operations per day. Industrial motors have a much higher duty rating. All industrial motors come with mechanical or digital limits for easy setting and fault code displays for easy fault finding.

What is your warranty period?

We offer a 12 month warranty.

Will we need planning permission?

We advise that you contact and speak directly with your local council planning department for the latest requirements.

Are the doors you make industrial doors?

Yes, we manufacture for domestic, retail, agricultural and industrial specifications.

Can you put any additional steel-work in that I would need if required?

Yes, if we are fitting, we always carry out a full site survey.  It is at this point we would discuss any additional work that may be required.

Do you offer supply only?

Yes, we provide support, delivery and DIY kits to make sure installation goes smoothly.

We advise that you find someone local with experience to install the doors.

Do London Roller Shutters export?

Yes, we have successfully supplied roller shutters all over the world from China to the Middle East even to the Caribbean..

How do your prices compare with other website companies?

We are very competitive as we manufacturer our in own factory.

If you were to find cheaper elsewhere please come back to us, we will be more than willing to beat a like for like price comparison usually.

How do I make an order?

As every door is taylor made and not off the shelf we require a written purchase order before manufacturing can start.

Do you sell any other type of doors?

Yes, we sell insulated roller shutters, fire rated roller shutters, high speed doors, smoke curtains, steel personnel doors and PVC strip curtain.

How often does a roller shutter have to be serviced?

A minimum of every 6 months.  This also depends on how often they are operated. Please call the office for more information.

Do you offer risk and method statements?

Generally where requested, we supply RAMS, copies of our public liability insurance, CSCS card, PASMA and IPAFS when required.

Do the roller shutters offer insulation?

Generally they are a single skin lath but we also sell either a domestic twin skin insulated or a heavier industrial twin skin lathes with insulation.

What finishes are the roller shutters?

Generally they are manufactured and come with a galvanised steel finishes. They have the options of a plastisol exterior lathes and or powder coated finishes.

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