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Fire and Smoke Curtains Manufactured and Delivered For London

LondonRollerShutters.com manufacture and install
fire curtains and smoke curtains certified in
accordance with 2005 Fire Safety order BS5588-12.

Fire and smoke curtains restrict the lateral spread of fire and are proven to restrict the spread of lethal smoke and poisonous gasses in the event of a fire.
They are most effective when used as part of a smoke control system. For example, it is possible to create smoke reservoirs from which smoke and hot gases can be extracted, or alternatively to prevent the spread of smoke to allow time for escape. Fire and smoke curtaines are an essential safety component that allows you to stop the spread of lethal gases that are present in almost every fire and can provide a seamless boundary between work and living areas to help save lives.

Our curtains are available in wide spans and can be face fixed, soffit fixed or suspended. Smoke curtains can be supplied in unlimited widths by use of an overlap system, with curtains up to 5 metres wide being serviced by single span rollers.
LondonRollerShutters.com have been providing fire curtains, smoke curtains and fire shutters to improve the safety of London premises since 1994.
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Why Use Our Fire Curtains

  • Save Lives - Helps to prevent the passage of smoke and gases
  • Easy- Slim, lightweight and easy to install
  • Tough and Resilient- Coated fiberglass material tested to withstand temperatures of 600 Degrees Centigrade for one hour
  • Failsafe - In the event of power failure, the curtains will automatically close by gravity with a controlled descent

Fitting and Access Methods

Automatic operation
Support for servery and hatches
Custom built to your specification
240V operation with battery back-up
Operating speed of approximately 75mm per second
Please enquire if you would like further advice or information on these options


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