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Powder Coated Roller Shutters

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Powder Coated Roller Shutters


Powder Coated
Roller Shutters

Many of our customers require a powder coated finish for there roller shutter. This involves using a solvent-free coloured powder to cover the structure, which is then cured for a chip-free finish. This hard-wearing covering is not just for aesthetics, although it does look pretty good – it also helps to make the shutter itself more durable and hard-wearing. The powder coating also protects against rust and corrosion that can be caused by the weather, making them more suitable for outdoor use.
London Roller Shutters' powder coated roller shutters are each made to order. This allows you to pick the colour you would like, so that you can match the aesthetics of your shutters to your corporate branding, business or residence, or just select a shade that best suits the environment it will be placed in.

The Process

Powder coating is the modern alternative to stone enameling.  The powder is electro-statically  charged and sprayed onto the earthed shutters, giving a superior, even coating. 

Powder Coating Process
Powder Coating Process Complete

The shutter is then heated in the oven for an appropriate time for a high quality, glass-like finish.