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Fire Shutters

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Fire Shutters

About Our London Fire Shutters

For reasons of improved safety and to adhere to building and fire regulations, many people across London seek fire shutters for their premises.

London Roller Shutters have a great deal of experience in the supply and fitting of fire shutters to a large variety of customers and premises across London. Fire shutters can be used to portion off and protect any part of a building or to provide protection between floors (horizontal fire shutters). They offer fire protection at up to four hours greater than would be the case for a standard door or roller shutter, giving both peace of mind, protection from physical damage and improved overall safety.

Our fire shutters are compliant to the latest Government legislation that came into effect November 2019 standard BS EN 16034:2014 – CE Marked BS EN 13241-1:2003.

Technical Specs


Our Fire Shutters are rated from 120 – 240 minutes.  Please inform us of your requirement on contacting us.


We believe that thermal insulation, which will help to reduce your heating bills, is a key factor when considering insulated roller shutters. The lower the figure of the U-value of the equipment, the more effective the insulation. Westwood twin skin insulated roller shutters have a U-value of just 1.4 w/m2. Please feel welcome to contact us over any matter that may occur to you.


All fire shutters come powder coated in the colour of your choice.


There are three main methods of automatic operation of Fire Shutters.


A fusible link involves the use of solder as a connection which functions when heat radiated from a nearby fire causes the solder to melt and thus activate the door.


Fire Relays mean that the fire shutter is connected to the fire alarm system. When the alarm sounds, the shutter or door activates.


Finally, a delayed Audio/Visual Warning used in connection with the Fire Shutter is connected to the alarm system, and operates usually with a time delay very similarly to a fire relay. During this delay an additional alarm is sounded, warning those in close proximity to the Fire Shutter door that is about to close, thus allowing them to exit the affected area.


All our fire shutters are compliant to the latest BS EN 16034:2014 – CE Marked BS EN 13241-1:2003.

If you are a London business owner and take the safety of your business, premises and staff seriously, you may be surprised to know that every year many businesses are forced to close as insurance companies often refuse to meet claims because building regulations and Loss Prevention Council requirements have not been met in relation to fire spread. A Fire Shutter is the best way to ensure that this never happens to you.

Our Fire Shutters Are Tested And By Exova Warrington-World Leaders In Fire Safety Services

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