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High Speed Doors

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High Speed Doors

London High Speed Warehouse Door With Vision PanelsLondon High Speed Warehouse Door With Vision Panels

London High
Speed Doors

Ideal for areas of high traffic, Industrial High Speed Doors allow Greater London staff to come and go with ease, without compromising insulation or security.

Helping any London business concerned about cleanliniess and heat loss, our High Speed Doors ensure pharmaceutical, catering and chemical industries work within health and safety guidelines, thanks to a reduction of dust and environmental impact in sensitive areas.

Our HIgh Speed Doors are tough, but not without give, so they are better able to withstand impact and minimize any need for repair.

Our High Speed Doors are made to order and can fit to any size or space and to your own personal requirements.

Technical Specs

These cutting-edge doors are manufactured using the highest quality materials in order to ensure they open much faster than a standard electrical door or shutter.

The system has an automatic reset in the case of obstruction, which ensures they are never open longer than necessary.

Made to measure and order, they can be crafted to fit any space and are operated by a key switch or an overhead pull cord. Remote control is also available upon request.

Our London High Speed Doors can be fitted with tube motors for light usage or a range of industrial options, including direct drive and out bound.

A full site survey is required upon acceptance of the job and each door comes with a 12-month warranty. We recommend carrying out six-monthly services. While we focus on Lonodn, UK and Ireland orders, we are able to send our doors anywhere in the world.

Let us know your colour and window requirements upon enquiry.

Industrial High Speed Doors

Features and Benefits

Prevents Heat Loss

It is important to maintain a constant temperature in sensitive areas such as food preparation or science-based workshops. 

Also, in many workplaces it is neccessary to maintain a moderate temperature for the comfort of personnell.

High-speed doors are open for the very least possible time, helping to prevent the loss of heat, saving on bills and also having a positive environmental impact.

Made for Impact

Our High Speed doors can expect to withstand a certain amount of impact in areas of high traffic. These doors have been made with extra flexibility, to help them stand up to intensive use.

Meeting Workplace Guidelines

Factories and workshops that provide certain services require high quality High Speed Doors that meet CE requirements. These doors will help satisfy workplace standards.

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