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Retractable Gates

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Retractable Gates

London Retractable Gate

London Retractable

Our Retractable Gates are decorative security options that are perfect for domestic and commercial use. In situations where image is everything, they provide a pleasing aesthetic, while also working as full security solutioin and a deterrent for theft and vandalism.

Retractable Gates are manually moved to one side when not in use, sliding across the rail with ease. However, they offer enough visibility to leave them in place on windows if you prefer.

They offer a wonderful choice for internal commercial use, when you need to shut off areas of a building in an attractive, yet secure way.

Technical Specs


Internally installed with minimal disruption, these gates are made-to-measure and order to fit any size door or window, so you can create a bespoke security solution.

Material and Colour

The attractive diamond-shaped lattice is crafted from durable 22-gauge steel, powder-coated in a shade of your choice to add a stylish finish to your home or business. 


They have a convenient bottom rolling track with swivel return options. They can have multiple locking points from one key, making for a simple, secure fit.


We can install these gates onto any kind of building material, although brick often requires a little more timber or steel for the best fit.

Warranty and Servicing

Every retractable gate is offered with a 12-month warranty and a full site survey is carried out prior to installation. We recommend having these gates serviced every six months.

Retractable Gates

Features and Benefits

Decorative Security

Ideal for use in the retail, offices, as well as in domestic settings, these retractable gates are an aesthetically pleasing choice for securing your doors and windows.

Maintain Air Flow

Leave your windows open without fear of compromising security with decorative retractable gates that allow for maximum air flow at all times.

Easy to Manoeuver

These retractable shutters are easy to slide in and out of place by guiding them along the slider base. They concertina neatly to one side when not in use.

Lead times on these items are short, whether you are purchasing a single or double sash configuration. We cover the whole of Greater London,  UK and Ireland and we have even been known to travel worldwide with our products.

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