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Domesic Roller Shutters

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Domesic Roller Shutters

London Powder Coated Domestic Roller Shutter

London Domestic
Roller Shutters

Our Domestic Roller Shutters are the perfect option, keeping intruders at bay.
Even attempted break-ins can be enough to change the way you feel about your home, so you need a security system that acts as a deterrent, as well as being virtually impossible to penetrate.
Not just for garage doors, domestic roller shutters can be used on windows, external doors and internal openings too. Available in a range of sizes and colours, these sleek, galvanised designs can even boost the aesthetics of your home, while having a range of other benefits

Technical Specs

Unbeatable value comes with the highest quality specifications! These domestic roller shutters are made to order using 22-gauge galvanised steel – a tough, durable material that will last the test of time. The powder-coated versions can be finished in any colour in the RAL or BS4800 ranges.

Our standard locks are either bullet or lath mechanisms that are fastened with a key. These are powered by our popular remote controls, or rocker or key switches, depending on your preference. All electronics come with an emergency override system.

Domestic Roller Shutters

Features and Benefits

Unbeatable Security

If a burglar is determined to get into your property, there are few security systems that will prevent them. Domestic roller shutters, however, are almost impossible to break down by force – they require access to the mechanisms controlling them, which are usually on the inside of the house. You can sleep easy at night, knowing that nobody will be able to break and enter your home.

Stylish, Welcoming Design

Domestic roller shutters are not supposed to frighten everyone away, however, and you’ll still want the exterior of your home to look beautiful and appealing. These shutters have been crafted to do just that, available in a range of complementary colours that make your home look even more beautiful on the outside.

Reducing Bills

Our domestic roller shutters represent excellent value for money, offering a competitively priced way to keep your home and its contents safe. They can also help to lower your energy bills by providing added insulation to your home.

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