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Galvanised Steel Roller Shutters

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Galvanised Steel Roller Shutters

Galvanised Steel Roller Shutter

Galvanised Steel
Roller Shutters

When it comes to creating reliable, high-quality roller shutters, few materials are better than the 22-gauge galvanised steel that we use. Galvanised steel is a fairly inexpensive material that is easy to treat and maintain. This means we can give you the very best prices, safe in the knowledge that these shutters will last for many years of service.
Galvanised steel is also one of the toughest and most reliable options, with the finish working to protect the steel from damage from outside sources. This helps prevent the metal from becoming dull overtime and eliminates any chance of rust or corrosion. Once the steel has been treated, it is ready for use – there is no need to further treat it and any ongoing maintenance takes no more than a quick glance to check everything is still working well.