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Garage Roller Shutters

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Garage Roller Shutters


These days, garages are more than just a convenient storage place for our cars – they are useful for so many different things.  Unfortunately, this does mean they can become quite a treasure trove for thieves, who can often bypass lax security systems in order to help themselves to things that you might not notice are missing until much later on – especially if your garage is separated from your house.

Our Garage Roller Shutters are the ideal solution to secure your contents, acting as a deterrent to potential thieves who know they will be unable to penetrate these strong shutter doors.

Technical Specs


Our roller shutters are created to the highest quality standards, CE marked and manufactured using 22-gauge galvanised steel as standard.  Our shutters are incredibly strong and durable. We also offer powder coated finishes in a colour of your choice and a variety of lath types.


Electric shutters are operated using key or rocker switches, with an emergency override system in place. We can also provide a remote control.  Manual shutters can be secured with a bullet or lath lock. Chain operated doors are spring assisted and geared and we can provide a range of motors, including light usage tube motors, as well as industrial, direct drive and out bound motors.


We have made doors as small as 700mm x 700mm and shutters as large as 10m x 10m – we can create anything in between!


Our experienced engineers will install the shutters.  Shutters can be fixed to brick, using additional timber or steel, as well as any other materials. They can also install on the inside of doors and windows, although we advise you may lose some height and width of the opening. DIY packs are available on


Every shutter is installed with a 12-month warranty and we carry out a full-site survey before to ensure correct fitting.  We also suggest booking a service every six months to maintain the integrity of the shutters.

Features and Benefits

Practical Security Solution

Once your roller shutters are locked into place, nobody will be able to move them, ensuring the contents of your garage are safe from potential intruders. They are heavy steel doors, so even when unlocked they require electrical assistance to open them. This means you get to decide exactly who has access to your garage, and who doesn’t.

Keeps Damp Out and Insulate

The added insulation that comes from our garage roller shutters helps to prevent incidences of damp that can destroy your belongings. Things that are in storage will stay warm and dry until you need them again.  With our insulated laths you can further improve heat retention if you use ure garage for more than storage. 

Attractive Finish

Whether your garage is attached to your home or not, you want it to look good. Our steel shutters can be powder coated in a colour of your choice for an elegant, stylish finish.


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