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Kiosk Roller Shutters

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Kiosk Roller Shutters



Outdoor kiosks are often set-up in areas of high traffic, which are also open to the elements. Security shutters are wind-proof and draught-free, protecting your contents from weathers that could cause them to spoil. Indoor kiosks can be more decorative, with windows and perforations that make them great for marketing purposes. All our kiosk shutters can be given a powder-coated finish of your choice to ensure they fit with your branding and requirements.

The safest way to secure your small business, our London kiosk roller shutters are an instantly recognisable indication that your café, information or retail business is currently closed. This prevents customers from approaching your kiosk, while also helping to keep your stock safe from theft or damage while you are not around.

Features and Benefits

Premium Protection for your Business

Giving your business the ability to withstand environmental conditions and securing against those intending to steal or damage your property, our kiosk roller shutters are tough, durable and impossible to penetrate.

Reduces Noise Disturbance

If you want to shut-up your business for the evening but continue to cash-up and do administrative tasks inside, kiosk shutters will help to reduce the noise disturbance from outside, making it an ideal solution in busier areas.

Low Maintenance Cost

These shutters have a low maintenance cost that makes them ideal for small businesses. Choose manually operated shutters to open and close your kiosk once a day and ensure tight security whenever you are not around.

Technical Specifications

Kiosk roller shutters are made to order using the highest quality 22-gauge galvanised steel, although you can choose a powder coated finish in a colour of your choice if you prefer. Closed with bullet or lath locks, you can use a key to secure in place, and the shutters can be operated with either rocker switches, key switches or remote control, with an emergency electrical override system in case of emergencies.


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