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Roller Shutter Cabinet

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Roller Shutter Cabinet

TV Cabinet Roller Shutter

Roller Shutter

A compact solution to your most specific security concerns, a roller shutter cabinet or roller shutter cupboard allows you to shut away high-risk items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, tools and other valuable items. It is particularly useful when used as a filing cabinet for sensitive documents, ensuring they are safe and out-of-reach of those without the right credentials to view them. However, they still allow easy access for those with the right key and our cabinets can be placed in any area of the home, office or factory setting. The stainless-steel construction is strong and sturdy, made to your unique requirements, so that you can add shelves and drawers as required and ensure the entire product matches your brand aesthetics. Other Applications- Secure a TV, electronic equipment, company signage or kitchen items.

Technical Specs

Unbeatable value comes with the highest quality specifications! These roller shutter cupboards are made to order using 22-gauge galvanised steel – a tough, durable material that will last the test of time. The powder-coated versions can be finished in any colour in the RAL or BS4800 ranges.

Our standard locks are either bullet or lath mechanisms that are fastened with a key. These are powered by our popular remote controls, or rocker or key switches, depending on your preference. All electronics come with an emergency override system.

Domestic Roller Shutters

Features and Benefits

Tailored Solution to Your Security Needs

Made to provide a localised solution to keeping high-risk items safe and secure, our roller shutter cabinets can be made to any size or specification, so you can design the ideal product for your home, office or warehouse environment.

Impenetrable Structure

Made with heavy-duty steel, these durable, hard-wearing roller shutter cupboards are the smart choice for your highly sensitive or valuable items. Keep your tools looked away safely, or ensure top-secret data is kept private with our ultra secure systems.

A Purse-Friendly Option

These highly secure units provide a localised solution so that you don’t have to add roller shutters to the whole of the building to keep one or two things safe. These compact designs are competitively priced and incredibly functional.

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