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Sectional Doors

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Sectional Doors


London Sectional

Sectional doors provide easy access and a barrier against environmental conditions to your building. Ideal for areas that can get draughty or cold, they help to improve the insulation of the space so that you can spend less on heating and electric. They are also great at keeping out distracting noises and can be made in a variety of finishes. Add window panels to allow greater visibility, without reducing security, and choose from a number of colours to ensure your sectional doors fit in with your surroundings.

We also carry out sectional doors repairs.

Sectional Doors

Features and Benefits

Can be Installed Almost Anywhere

Sectional doors don’t need a lot of head space and are made-to-measure, ensuring they can be installed in any size space. They move up and down, rather than outwards, so you can park vehicles right up against the door, without restricting access.

Come in a Variety of Styles

Add windows for light and visibility and choose from a range of colours for a look that best suits your needs. Choose from hand chains or phased motor openings and single or multiple panels that can easily be replaced.

Insulated for Added Warmth

Our galvanised steel panels come with polyurethane foam insulation that helps to keep the interior warm. With a reduced need for electric or gas heating, you can enjoy cheaper running costs and a comfortable temperature.

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