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Kitchen Canteen Servery Fire Shutter, North London

Fire shutters provide important protection from the spread of fire by containing the fire or slowing the progress of the damage caused by fire. This is a vital part of securing any building, particularly those where staff or inhabitants are working with heat or flames. In addition to this, many insurance companies will not pay a fire claim if fire shutters have not been installed, contrary to building regulations or other statutory requirements. For this reason a fire shutter is highly recommended in all such premises.

London Roller Shutters recently fitted these double fire shutters at a canteen servery in North London. The fire shutters were powder coated to white to suit the decor. All London Roller Shutter fire shutters come powder coated in an appropriate colour.

If you would like to know more about our fire roller shutters, your legal requirements or have an other questions about LondonRollershutters.com products, please contact our friendly team for more info or call 0207 873 2390.