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Roller Shutter Repairs and Maintenance

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Delivering high quality repairs and maintenance

Did you know you have a legal requirement to regularly service your roller shutter doors?
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Roller Shutter Repairs and Maintenance

Our roller shutter repairs and maintenance team are on hand throughout London and the UK to help keep your shutters in excellent condition, aiming to solve any issue on the spot and prevent any potential problems from occurring.
If you need an urgent repair, we intend to fix it on the same day wherever possible, with our on-site team carrying out the work without disrupting your business activities. Please contact us as soon as you notice any issues due to misuse, attempted forced entry or inevitable wear and tear.


If you take advantage of one of our roller shutter servicing packages, you can rest assured that your roller shutters will stay in working condition for the longest possible time. We will charge you an up-front flat fee, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and you can be sure that your shutters are being serviced by experienced, professional engineers who take pride in their work.

If you keep on top of your regular planned maintenance schedule, then servicing should always be a quick and easy job, preventing high bills when it comes to essential repairs. How often you will need to service your roller shutter will depend on a number of factors, such as how regularly it is operated and the security certificate of your door.  And of course, if you have planned maintenance on a regular basis, your servicing needs will generally be reduced. It makes sense to keep up with your servicing responsibilities to maintain the safety and efficiency of your building.

Planned Maintenance

We recommend that your roller shutters are regularly maintained according to health and safety requirements. Depending on how often your shutters are used, this should be carried out every four to six months. It is your responsibility to ensure your shutters and doors comply with the Workplace Regulation 1992 Maintenance of Equipment, Device and Systems. Regular planned maintenance helps you to keep your workplace safe.
We are pleased to offer a number of maintenance and service packages so that you can choose the one that best fits your home or business needs. Purchasing one of these packages allows you to stay on top of your maintenance costs, without any surprise bills. It also allows us to build up a professional working relationship with you, giving you peace of mind that your roller shutters and sectional doors are always working to their highest efficiency.


Despite the high-quality and expert installation of our roller shutter doors, we are aware that sometimes things can go wrong.  Perhaps the shutters have been misused in some way, or someone has attempted to force them open. It might be due to a faulty mechanism or general wear and tear, but when you need your roller shutters repaired, we are here to help!

No matter the issue, we have an emergency team waiting to repair your shutters wherever you may be in the UK. We aim to fix your doors on site, while causing minimal disruption to your business. If a quick repair is not possible, we will replace the roller shutter that same day, so that you can keep your building secure. All we ask is that you contact as soon as you notice something wrong with your shutters, so that we can send our professional, experienced engineers out to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

London Roller Shutter Door Repairs

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Roller Shutter Motor Replacement

There are two main types of roller shutter motor. Tubular motors are neat, tidy and ideal for light usage. This means that they are generally operated no more than four times a day. Industrial motors are much better suited for busy units where you will need to open and close the shutter multiple times a day. These heavy-duty motors can be set with digital or mechanical limits for ease of use and are installed with a fault code display, allowing for quick diagnostics in the event of a mechanical failure.

Our industrial motors come in a range of sizes and we also offer direct drive and outbound motors. It is important to select the right motor for the job, in order to prevent operational issues during use. Our expert engineers would be delighted to help you choose exactly what you need for ease of use and minimal fuss after installation.

Roller Shutter Bullit Lock

Roller Shutter Locks

The type of lock you require will depend on your situation, but we offer a wide variety of options, including lathe end locks, roller shutter end locks, central locks and bullet pin locks. It is also possible to install or replace a number of locking options to further enhance the impenetrability of the design and ensure you are to operate the shutters whether you are on the inside or the outside of the door.

Each of our locks has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring they are reliable and firm against intense pressure.

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