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High speed doors offer London firms an excellent solution for areas that experience a high volume of traffic. Also known as rapid doors, they are especially effective in environments where high traffic is combined with a need for climate control, allowing major savings on fuel costs.

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Popular within the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, our high speed doors incorporate cutting-edge design and technology to provide the best performance possible in workplaces where speed and security are paramount.
Not only are rapid doors more effective in terms of speed of operation, they are also better able to cope with accidents common to high pressure environments. Instead of taking the full impact of collisions, rapid doors ‘give’ and then are able to be reset, keeping repair bills to a minimum.
If you require a High Speed Door solution, London Roller Shutters (Westwood Security Shutters Ltd.) have been providing high speed doors to satisfied clients large and small for many years.
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A Selection Of High Speed Doors From Our Gallery

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Further Info

  • General Rapid action: much faster than standard doors. Tough and resilient: less repairs from impacts, due to tough materials and flexible design. Suitable for high traffic workplaces. Many different sizes of opening catered for.

  • Operation/ Locking Key Switch Floor Loop Push buttons Remote Control Overhead Beam Pull Cord Beam Between Posts

  • Insulation Climate control: excellent heat or cold retention, keeps dust and vermin out.

  • Finish Various different colours and window configurations- just provide details when you esquire, we will be happy to assist.

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